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“I received a temporary ramp and power chair for a short term during my physical therapy. Four years later, received a power scooter called the Prowler that provided me with the mobility I needed and designed for a rough terrain. A perfect fit.”


“I stopped getting respect. The other people, they didn’t really give it. 
I would call them, and they never called me back. So I tried to go back to the ones that listen to you, the ones who appreciate you. Not them. Yeah, you get what I mean. They have more respect for me, SIL does. The other company, they didn’t really care about you, the people. And I saw other people with the company were going to SIL because there is respect, SIL respect.”


“BCCA and SIL saved my life.” Though our Access Service Department & the TAP I program, Charlotte was able to get the ClearSounds Quattro 4.0 Bluetooth Neckloop and tested out the functions. Charlotte was immediately in tears at how well she was able to hear.