The following are steps you can take as a Web user to make the Web more accessible:

1. Keep your web browser updated. A web browser is a program for your computer that allows you to access and browse web pages. The most popular web browsers are: Internet Explorer | Mozilla Firefox  | Google Chrome | Apple Safari.  These programs are free to download. The program manufacturer should notify you when a new version of the program is available to download.

2. You can change settings on your computer to help with individual accessibility needs such as color settings and text size. The website My Web My Way created by the BBC, provides step by step instructions for changing settings on your computer that can make the web easier to use.

3. When you experience accessibility issues with a particular site contact the company or organization with your concerns.

4. If you have specific problems or concerns with this website please contact Heather Stewart The Services for Independent Living website was created with accessibility and usability as a high priority. We apologize if you experience any problems with the site. We will make every effort to fix the problem as quickly as possible.