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CARRIER ALERT: Residents of the City of Columbia who are 55+ and have a mail box can sign up for this program in which mail carriers report to Services for Independent Living if mail begins to pile up for an individual in the program. The mail carrier will report this situation to Services for Independent Living and we will initiate a wellness check.  

CONSUMER DIRECTED SERVICES: This service is available to individuals who qualify for Medicaid and are eligible to receive personal care assistance in their homes. This service is only available after a formal, initial evaluation is performed by the Department of Health & Senior Services (DHSS) and Division of Senior and Disability Services (DSDS).

FRIENDLY VISITING: Volunteers visit for one hour a week with an individual 55+, who resides in Boone County, and who has a monthly income below $2,126.

FOOD PANTRY DELIVERY & GROCERY SHOPPING: Volunteers will take an individual 55+, who resides in Boone County, and who has an income below $2,126, grocery shopping or will deliver food pantry boxes on a monthly basis.

PROPERTY TAX REFUND FILING: The Missouri Property Tax Credit (PTC) gives money back to qualified senior citizens ages 65 years or olderand/or individuals who are 100% disabled. The credit is based on the amount of real estate taxes or rent paid during a calendar year and the total household income. To qualify individuals must be a MO resident for the entire calendar year for which they are requesting the credit. The income limit must be below $30,000 for single homeowners and below $27,500 for single renters. The income must be below $34,000 for married homeowners and below $29,500 for married renters.

RAMP AND HOME REPAIR: Minor home repairs and ramps are completed for homeowners in the city limits of Columbia who qualify for support by Community Development Block Grant funding. Please contact SIL for additional information.

SENIOR DIRECTORY FOR BOONE COUNTYThis is a directory of resources for seniors in Boone County download one now.