Phone: 573-874-1646


Education & Training Coordinator

Jill McClintock’s journey with Services for Independent Living began as a Board member—serving as Secretary and President. She left the Board to join the SIL staff as an Independent Living Specialist in January 2007. As a person with a disability who had not yet begun her own independent living journey, Jill states, “There was no better job to have! I learned from my consumers and co-workers who showed me what was possible and the joys of living independently. Now, I have transitioned into another wonderful opportunity as Education and Training Coordinator where I can bring my passion for teaching and learning to our consumers and community through classes and trainings.”

When not at SIL, Jill enjoys spending time with her three precious nephews and her 16-year-old cat, Dexter. She is a multi-faceted individual who loves music, trivia, reading, professional wrestling, and sunshine.

Please contact Jill McClintock 573 874 1646 extension 238 with any needs or ideas you may have.