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Missouri has a program called Money Follows the Person (MFP).  MFP transitions qualified individuals out of the nursing home or habilitation center and gets them back to their community.  To participate in MFP, individuals must qualify for the program and meet the following criteria. 
  1. Currently live in a nursing home or state habilitation center for more than 90 consecutive days.
  2. Currently receive MO Medicaid benefits in the care facility prior to transition.
  3. Have a home that is leased or owned by the individual’s family; or move to residential housing with no more than four individuals living in a house.
People who qualify will participate in this program for a year.  At the end of the program year, they will continue to receive home and community services and supports through the regular MO Medicaid program as long as they continue to be eligible for those services.  In addition to MO Medicaid services, they could be eligible for additional home and community based services.