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COMMUNITY AND PARENT ACTION NETWORK encourages, educates, and empowers families of individuals with disabilities to maximize independence. Families learn from and support one another monthly through a casual evening of dinner and conversation and a structured evening with speakers who present topics the families request.

UNITE is a peer support group for young adults ages 18-32 to learn from one another. Each  meeting has a predetermined topic and is often the suggestions of group members. UNITE promotes socialization skills and often includes board games played with peers and volunteers.

CAFE CADRE is a group of adults with or without disabilities learning skills to advocate in their communities. Café Cadre collaborates with others to establish goals and create change within their communities.


COOKS IN THE KITCHEN is for adults interested in learning to prepare simple, healthy foods for themselves and their families. Individuals learn to use small and large appliances and cooking utensils, learn to follow a recipe, and learn about food groups. All meals are cooked from scratch! Support is provided by college students and other volunteers who enjoy cooking. This activity is for adults with and without disabilities 18 years and older.

DRIVER PERMIT STUDY SKILLS CLASS is developed for individuals preparing for the driver permit exam or having difficulty passing the driver permit exam. Study skills such as creating charts, outlines, lists, visual aids, and flashcards are highlighted in classes. Practice quizzes are given. Test taking skills are discussed and practiced. Based on your learning style, we will incorporate activities that are most beneficial to you. Accommodations are provided. This is an 8 week class, but an individual can request one-on-one preparation.

INDIVIDUALIZED INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS — Individuals learn about budgeting, living on their own, utilizing community resources, accessing transportation, socialization, and more. This is a wonderful opportunity to further develop skills while preparing for transition to a more independent life. Sessions are practical applications using scenarios and personal examples. One-on-one and small group opportunities are available in the school or one-on-one opportunities are available at SIL. 

KIDS IN THE KITCHEN encourages young people to eat healthier meals and snacks as a result of hands-on cooking experiences. Youth learn to use appliances, cooking utensils, measuring cups/spoons; learn about the food groups; and learn to follow recipes. College students provide support and socialization. Fun is had, and friends are made! This activity is for youth with and without disabilities ages 10-17.

LEADERSHIP, EMPLOYMENT and DEVELOPMENT (L.E.A.D.) WORKSHOP is a one week exploration of communications skills, personal skills identification, resume building, interviewing, personal network development, money management, health management, and transportation access. It is ideal for individuals looking for competitive employment or who are employed and need additional support with work place skills. Peer support is encouraged throughout the week.


WII EXCELLERATE promotes socialization skills. Youth play video and board games with their peers and volunteers; they can also enjoy pizza and soda. Lots of learning can occur in a fun environment! The ultimate goal is to encourage youth to participate in activities in the community with their friends and family and socialize with new people. This activity is for youth with and without disabilities ages 10-17 and takes place on the 1st & 3rd Friday of the month at the SIL Office. 

INTERGENERATIONAL GROUP Is a peer support group for individuals ages 18 and to 100. The group’s mission is to bridge The gap between generations through interactive activities to encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience.  The group values every person’s contribution and helps develop friendships.