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The Missouri Property Tax Credit gives money back to qualified senior citizens and 100% disabled individuals.   The credit is based on the amount of real estate taxes or rent paid and total household income (taxable and nontaxable). 

This is a FREE service provided by Services for Independent Living.  Call (573) 874-1646 for an appointment to assist you with filing. 

You MUST meet the following criteria to qualify for a Property Tax Credit:

  • You must be age 65 or older or 100% disabled as of December 31, 2015 and NOT filing a federal Tax Return for SIL to assist you. As we are not tax preparers, we cannot help you file your taxes. If you or someone is preparing a federal/state tax return, these credits are available with the correct form.  See professional tax preparer. 
  • You are single, with an annual income from all sources less than $30,000 if you own your home or mobile home; or less than $27,500 if you rent your home or mobile home.
  • You are married, with an annual income from all sources less than $34,000 if you own your home or mobile home; or less than $29,500 if you rent your home or mobile home.
  • You were a Missouri resident for the entire 2014 calendar year.
  • The residence being claimed must be your legal, primary residence.

For Property Tax Credit assistance, you must bring ALL of the following information (that applies) to your appointment. We will NOT be able to assist you if ANY documentation is missing:

  1. Social security number verification (driver license, social security card or letter, etc.)
  2. Paid real estate tax receipt – Canceled checks will not be sufficient proof of payment of real estate tax.
  3. If you pay rent, you must provide a completed copy of the rent verification form OR copies of rent receipts signed by your landlord that include landlord’s name, social security number, and address. Copies of canceled checks are accepted as sufficient proof of payment of rent; however, you still must provide the address and phone number of your landlord. (If you rent from a facility that does not pay property taxes, you are not eligible for a Property Tax Credit. This primary effect people who live in Housing Authority properties.)
  4. Proof of all household income for the entire year that may apply; W-2’s and/or 1099’s for the following:
    • Social Security- if you received SSDI or SSI call your local social security office
      at 866-563-9108 to have a letter sent verifying this income.
    • Wages
    • Interest, Annuities, Dividends
    • Pensions
    • Unemployment benefits
    • Railroad retirement
    • VA payments
  1. If the homestead consists of five acres or more, you must have an Assessor Certification (Form 948) indicating the amount of tax paid on the five acres and your homestead.
  2. If you own a mobile home and the property tax receipt includes automobiles or other personal property, you must have an Assessor Certification (Form 948).