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Gabe Diya

Community Living Manager

Gabe just recently moved back to Columbia, MO from Orange County, California in August 2022 after 8 years living there. He grew up originally in Columbia, MO where he attended junior high, high school and college where he graduated from Central Christian College with a bachelor’s in biblical studies. His first job working in disabilities started when he was 19 as a CDS attendant and now has been working in special needs/disabilities for 13 years. Gabe has worked with special needs adults much of his time in this field through school programs, day programs and living facilities that catered to special needs. When him, his wife Courtney and son Jackson decided to move home he began looking for a management position within the walls of disabilities and found SIL which led to becoming the Community living manager overseeing the in home and CDS programs. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, friends and walks with his wife and son. At the end of the day, it’s Gabe’s sole focus to promote the independent living mentality with the consumers SIL serves to give them the most meaningful and fulfilling day to day life possible.

EXT 226

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