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Kim Kraus

Services Liaison

Kim is from Springfield Missouri but has called Columbia home since 1995. Kim was a volunteer prior to becoming employed at SIL. She is proud to work for an organization that promotes independence and inclusion and can provide one-on-one service and support. In her free time, Kim enjoys spending time with her family and that of her identical twin sister who lives just five doors away. Kim is a Master Naturalist and enjoys being outside as much as possible. She volunteers for the city of Columbia and several park and conservation organizations. Kim loves being involved with citizen science projects, native gardening, hiking, bird watching, and walking Maybelle, her eleven-year-old lab/beagle mix who came from Columbia Second Chance. Kim has three rescue cats, Beaver, Sonny, and Elsie, and advocates for reducing the dog and cat population and supporting spay/neuter and rescue organizations.

EXT 216

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