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Nadiya Al-Noor

Youth and Adult Education Coordinator

Nadiya is from New-York-no-not-the-city, where she started her lifelong mission of advocacy for diverse populations at the age of 12, becoming a student liaison between the special education class and greater student body. She graduated from Binghamton University with a Master of Public Administration and a Master of Science in Student Affairs Administration, which is smarty-pants talk for the study of nonprofits, government, and universities. As an autistic person, she was drawn to SIL as an organization at which she can expect fair treatment and understanding for herself and others like her. She is determined to help disabled high school and college students learn their right to self-advocacy and excited to provide SIL consumers with proactive educational programs, focusing on skill-building, resume assistance, and informational sessions about the important questions disabled people and their loved ones may have. She is an avid hobby baker and home cook, and her dream is to open a bakery. She has a cat named Noodle. Nadiya wants to work to make sure the all-too-common roadblocks she faced as a student and an adult are dismantled for future generations.

EXT 215

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