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Sandra Combs

Independent Living Case Manager

Sandra has been involved in the Mental Health field for over a decade; beginning in residential homes at the age of 20. Great success and foundation were rooted for Sandra to begin her career change to Case Managment. In 2021;Sandra was given the opportunity to become her father’s caregiver after his diagnosis with dementia. Sandra began the process of becoming his caregiver and was introduced to CDS services as a way to care for your loved one while still being able to provide for a family. Sandra held the position to a high level as the responsibilities of being open-minded, Adventurous, and resourceful all came into place. Since than Sandra enjoys being able to assist individuals with resources they may need while maintaining and being able to continue to remain in their homes with assistance from a loved one and or outside caregiver.  Throughout Sandra’s professional career, she has managed to learn core values when it comes to how we treat and manage other individuals with mental illness.

EXT 213

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