Scott Vroegindewey

Independent Living Specialist

My name is Scott D. Vroegindewey (my Dutch surname means “early in the meadow’), and I am a fifth generation American. I have the congenital disability of low vision, but I try not to use it as an excuse for not pursuing my goals. It is what it is. I spent my formative years in Columbia, MO; however, I attended college at Central Missouri State University, where I earned a B.S. in Mass Communication and lack my thesis for a M.S. in Instructional Media Technology. In the past, I worked for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Dept. of the Army. But I believe I found my career niche serving members of the disability community with The Whole Person and West-Central Independent Living Solutions in various capacities, in Kansas City and Warrensburg, MO respectively, for several years. I came to SIL after being restless during my retirement earlier in 2021. I derive tremendous satisfaction ensuring my fellow members of the disability community achieve happiness and independence. Once I get settled back in Columbia, I plan to participate in civic and faith-based organizations. I really do not have a hobby, per se, but I do enjoy listening to vintage old time radio shows. It is my sincere honor and privilege to return serving people with disabilities again!

EXT 234