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Sheila Lottes

Billing Specialist

Sheila is originally from St Louis and moved to Columbia in 1998 due to her husband’s job transfer. Once in Columbia, she worked as a secretary at construction company. Then in 2000, her husband retired, and they moved to Osage Beach, Mo where she got a job at City Hall finance department. They wanted to buy a home to nest and decided Columbia felt more like home than any other place they lived. So, they moved back to Columbia, and she got her old job back at the construction company until the owner retired and closed the business. She then applied and was hired by SIL to work in the finance department in 2009 and has been with SIL ever since, assisting consumers with clock in clock out corrections. She enjoys talking to the consumers daily and fixing clock in clock out problems, so they have the choice to live comfortable in their home.

EXT 247

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