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Volunteer Opportunities

We have many different opportunities to help people with disabilities available that require as little time as a few hours each month. Schedules are flexible and are determined by the volunteer and individual they are serving or program they are volunteering with. SIL has both individual and group volunteers.

Individual volunteers must complete a volunteer application, have a clear background screen via the Family Care Safety Registry, and attend an orientation.

Educational Session - Food Matters Day

Educational Sessions

Volunteers can supervise, assist, or lead programs, classes, and activities. Flexible opportunities to meet your interests and schedule are available.

Lucy Vogt Internship


We have a variety of internships available that can be tailored to fit the interests of the student.

Violet and Roger fall 2018

Senior Connect​​

Volunteers meet weekly with a senior or person with a disability to socialize and alleviate feelings of isolation. With the volunteer providing transport, volunteers and consumers often go into the community to parks, the movies, or out to eat.

Group Projects

Group Projects

Our group projects often center around lawn beautification, but we are open to helping your group explore different opportunities as well (for example, we have a group that makes greeting cards for individuals we serve).

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