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Our Community Living Department provides specific programs and services for youth ages 10 all up to age 24.  

School Age  – 10-21 years old and enrolled in middle or high school
Young Adult – 18-24 years old

20 SOMETHING (ages 18-24)

A young adult peer group offering opportunities to develop professional and community relationships while also promoting and demonstrating positive socialization among peers.

ADVOCACY (ages 10-21)

Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) and 504 support can be provided for students and parents. Students and parents have the right to invite whomever they wish to an I.E.P. or 504 meeting. Support may range from being present at the meeting for emotional comfort to helping with the understanding of the language and format of the I.E.P. to advocating for the needs of the child when the child’s needs are not being met by the school district.


Cooks in the Kitchen 1 Cooks in the Kitchen 2

Cooks in the Kitchen is for adults interested in learning to prepare simple, healthy foods for themselves and their families. Individuals learn to use small and large appliances and cooking utensils, learn to follow a recipe, and learn about food groups. All meals are cooked from scratch! Support is provided by college students and other volunteers who enjoy cooking.


Individuals learn about budgeting, living on their own, utilizing community resources, accessing transportation, socialization, and more. This is a wonderful opportunity to further develop skills while preparing for transition to a more independent life. Sessions are practical applications using scenarios and personal examples. One-on-one and small group opportunities are available in the school or one-on-one opportunities are available at SIL.

KIDS IN THE KITCHEN (ages 10-17)

KidsKitchen2 KidsKitchen1

Kids in the Kitchen encourages young people to eat healthier meals and snacks as a result of hands-on cooking experiences. Youth learn to use appliances, cooking utensils, measuring cups/spoons; learn about the food groups; and learn to follow recipes. College students provide support and socialization. Fun is had, and friends are made!

WII EXCELLERATE (ages 10-17)

Wii promotes socialization skills. Youth play video and board games with their peers and volunteers; they can also enjoy pizza and soda. Lots of learning can occur in a fun environment! The ultimate goal is to encourage youth to participate in activities in the community with their friends and family and socialize with new people.


This is an opportunity to develop and improve skills for employment of choice. Individuals learn about communication, problem solving, teamwork, interviewing, resume building, competitive jobs, disclosure, and self-advocacy. Individualized goals are set, so the skills will be reviewed and practiced that fit the needs of each person. Sessions may include hands-on activities, role playing, inventories, personal reflection, and computer research. One-on-one and small group opportunities are available in the school or one-on-one opportunities are available at SIL.